** R0 is the effective reproductive rate. A R0 of 0.80 means that 100 individuals with Covid-19 will typically infect 80 people. When R0 is above 1, we expect the number of cases to rise.

New cases
Total cases
Status of cases
Case rates
Canada (blue) vs Ontario (red)
Community vs. outbreak-related cases 
Regional rate for new cases
per million individuals
Effective reproduction number
Mobility (% change)
Groceries and Pharmacies
New tests / 
Percentage of positive tests
Cumulative cases, recovered, died
Death rates
Canada (blue) vs Ontario (red)
Community vs. outbreak-related deaths 
Regional rate for total cases
per million individuals
Mobility (% change)
Retail and Recreation
Mobility (% change)
Total tests conducted

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Total number of COVID-19 cases reported by region in Ontario.

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